Concrete Construction

For Industrial and Commercial Buildings, concrete can’t be an alternative in every field but it offers application opportunities in some fields. For Industrial Buildings along with foundation and interior & exterior floor applications, concrete is also being used for wall formations and in combination with steel structures. But concrete is mostly preferred at the management buildings due to advantages it provides. For Commercial Buildings concrete buildings with steel frameworks are widely used.
For manufacturing plants instead of fully concrete based components, applications combined with steel is preferred due to working space and functionality constraints. But for the management buildings and commercial buildings concrete finds more fields of application as concrete’s advantages like air conditioning costs, aesthetic concerns, energy efficiency, etc. is more important than large working spaces.
Advantages of Concrete Construction can be summarized as below;
- Resistance to fire is higher
- Due to airtightness feature, concrete creates heating and cooling advantages
- Especially precast concrete applications offer a very quick installation process.
- It is easy to provide concrete. Concrete is available domestically in every country.
- Thermal mass of concrete is higher so it decreases the temperature differences in the buildings.
Where it creates functional and cost advantages Proko has the capabilities to apply concrete solutions in its projects with success.