As being a domestic contractor Proko has expertise in every stage of a construction. As a result we have the chance to foresee many details at your project and consult you about the steel construction phase, its interactions with the preceding and subsequent phases as well as possible additional cost items that may occur due to technical specifications. Our expertise makes your budgeting estimations be closer to reality and saving you from unexpected surprises.
We are ready to be your partner and able to coordinate the steel parts of your project starting from design to erection at site to ensure an on-time and safe process.
We are ready to take a complementary role in any phase of your steel construction projects where there are vague or potentially risky issues to be considered or you just need to pass on some parts to an expert to lessen your burden.
At the beginning of the project, we can provide technical and/or cost reports, also prepare Technical Specifications for the Steel Parts of your project. We can manage the technical and/or financial relations with your steel subcontractor and fabrication process in general. Consultancy services regarding your subcontractors may include periodic fabrication progress reports, progress reports for payments, undertaking and/or coordinating the QC process, etc. We can conclude this service with a final technical and commercial report including statistical process analysis.
Proko is your elaborate and reliable partner...