Installation Services


Installation is a crucial phase of a construction project and it is vital to be confident that everything will go exactly as planned. As a result of its high standards and expertise Proko guarantees total reliability and ensures that the steel structure is installed correctly, safely and within the pre-agreed timeframe at site.
Proko has many years of experience to complete the trickiest steel installation tasks. Our trained and qualified installation team has developed an extensive portfolio of on-site installations, ranging from small tasks to large turnkey projects. We have worked on a variety of sites, including commercial and industrial building constructions.
Our teams are available to work on sites throughout neighboring regions especially European Countries, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Former Soviet Republics. For countries far away and for overseas projects it becomes feasible to provide only supervising services or work with domestic installation teams.
As Turkey being a geographically advantageous logistics base we are also able to provide all kinds of competitive transportation solutions for shipments all over the World, including nonstandard loads. 
Before quoting for an installation job or providing the installation services we make a comprehensive search about the country that the project is located. We could have previously completed jobs in that country but this doesn’t mean that the regulations, relations and the general situation is always stable. A pre-study of the conditions in that country reduces the risks to minimum.
Health and Safety Precautions are vital for a smooth construction process. We continuously train our employees to ensure the workplace safety in all our operations. We at least apply OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards during our installations but all additional safety cautions requested by the Client are also strictly applied. 
Not only health and safety precautions but also general construction yard rules determined by the Client will be obeyed rigorously by our Supervisors and Installation Team members.
Proko is there for you to deliver prompt, correct and safe executions…