Space Frame Systems

Space Frame Systems are especially preferred for large span Industrial and Commercial buildings where girder columns shall not be used. Every component of a space frame system is prefabricated and failure rate is close to zero.
As these prefabricated components are very light, installation can be done very quickly and easily. Space Frame System’s lightweight structure also decreases the load upon the building and reduces the cost for the construction of the substructure. Lightness also enables every kind of cladding element to be possible for application resulting in endless aesthetic opportunities. With space frame systems it is possible to cover spans up to 100m by a flat design. Besides its economical benefits, space frame systems are also preferred for their advantages regarding the optimal utilization of existing space. By excluding the girder columns it enables the working space to be designed or reshaped freely. With easily disjointed and assembled modules, it grants great cost and timing advantages for the construction of additional buildings or parts. As space frame systems have a porous structure, systems like electric wiring, sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning canals can easily be placed within the structure without using an extra space. Electric wiring can even be placed within the tubular components of the Space Frame.
Proko Construction Industry has more than 20 years of experience on space frame systems and ready to assist you even for the most challenging space frame solutions by providing turnkey services including design, structural analysis, fabrication and installation.
Proko offers you the lightness of Space Frame Systems...