Steel Construction

The rate of steel construction within the total construction area in Turkey is around 5%. Most of this low rate is industrial facilities, large span plants, commercial buildings and bridges. Multi-storey steel constructions are very rare. This fact is generally explained with the high cost of steel framed, multi-storey buildings compared to concrete buildings. This explanation may be valid for standard concrete buildings but especially for a concrete building the project of which is prepared as earthquake resistant and which is constructed with strict compliance to its project, the cost of the whole process is significantly higher compared to a steel construction project.
Nowadays instead of buildings made of just one element like steel or concrete, combination of these elements is used in industrial buildings. Especially for the formation of lateral facades and columns steel-concrete composite applications are preferred instead of just steel. Our background is based on steel construction fabrication and installation along with cladding applications. We have the capabilities to realize even the most challenging projects with very large spans.
Proko is mainly specialized in consulting, design, project, fabrication and installation of steel construction structures. Starting from our establishment, we experienced almost every kind of projects possible with structural steel. We follow all technological advancements regarding steel fabrication and apply these advancements to our manufacturing process. We also keep up with the latest steel applications and present them to our clients. We have been successfully undertaking all types of steel projects since our establishment and we add cladding services on this to fulfill our task as a turnkey project provider.
We fabricate most of the structural steel components at our workshops. We use structural steel components that we manufacture with our experienced technical staff and comprehensive machinery. Thus, we are able to guarantee the endurance and the quality of our buildings.
You can visit our factory and steel fabrication pages in order to get more insight about our fabrication capabilities and our technical infrastructure.